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This is one amazing gift that all the family can and will enjoy this Christmas. A gift that turns a television into a fun interactive music jukebox. This is Roxi by Electric Jukebox.

The Roxi is a small simple hub which connects to most televisions via a HDMI lead. All new flat screen televisions (sold in the past 8 years) should have an HDMI port. Some older models may also have one and there are some adapters which enable connection for some without the port. It’s easy peasy to connect and comes on instantly. It needs a minimal set up too, mainly WiFi connection and a few other bits of jiggling around to suit. The screen interface menu looks like this.

Now for the music. Roxi gives instant access to a whopping 29 million tracks. I was able to find some very rare gems that I hadn’t heard for a while along with many that take me back to my childhood. As well as individual tracks there’s also over 3 million albums. Wow just wow.
I guess many of you are reading this and thinking it sounds good, but how much is it, how much per month will I be billed etc? Well surprisingly unlike other music streaming apps and devices, there is no monthly fee. Yes that’s correct no fee and access to all that amazing music, You don’t even need to sign up or add passwords or cards or anything along those lines. It’s a one off purchase cost and that’s all for a whole year. If you want to renew after a year them it remains very low cost compared to similar services.
Roxi does a whole lot more than just play and search for music too. There is a karaoke mode where the included remote turns into a microphone.

Kids will enjoy the karaoke part and it saves buying an extra karaoke unit too. It can access worldwide radio, picking up thousands of radio stations that we never knew existed. It’s not just pop, dance, rock and oldies either. Other types of music and sound exist via this one device such as chilling and ambient sounds, nature sounds and meditation tracks etc. A few strange songs exist on this too.
Then many games and quizzes which are great for parties and entertainment, kids or adults or the whole family and again, all include in the one off purchase price.

The purchase price for the Roxi music streaming device is a one off Β£199 which includes the device, remote/microphone, leads and a years unlimited streaming, game playing and all the above mentioned.
It comes as red, blue or black to suit decor and it really is lots of fun. When I first hooked it all up, I was so addicted to it, trying to find old rare songs that I’ve not heard in forever and messing around testing out the radio stations. Now I like to put in on when I’m cleaning and doing housework or coming in after a night out. My kids like the karaoke mode and the games are fun too.
It does sound a lot to pay out, but I think it’s worth an investment. Imagine buying all those fave songs on cds over the years. That would cost more than Β£199 I think.

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins
    November 15, 2017 / 18:34

    Ooh this sounds fantastic, and would be a great hit in my home no pun intended xXx

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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