JYSK Bedroom Hygge!

Do you remember me telling you about JYSK not so long ago? Well I’m now extremely happy to say that my chosen items have arrived.

JYSK’s Feel the Happiness #chooseJYSK campaign part of a celebration of the Scandinavian store group’s 2,500th store opening involved asking people “what makes you happy at home?” For me, the thing that makes me happiest is my bed. My bed is my place to relax after a busy day with the kids. Whatever worries I may have throughout the day; my bed is the place that takes them away.

JYSK has many mattresses to suit all bed sizes and most budgets, have a look here www.JYSK.co.uk. Mattresses can be very very expensive, usually much more than the bed frame itself, so it’s worth looking at JYSK’s range which offers great quality and value.
 I strongly believe if you want a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress then you have to pay a bit more for luxury. The phrase “you get what you pay for” seems to ring true in this department. The wrong mattress, can not just affect sleep but cause all sorts of health problems with backs and joints.
It’s always a good idea to invest a bit more on something you will be using every day.

This is my new Plus 25 mattress. I have king size which costs £225. Compared to many similar mattresses on the market, this is actually relatively inexpensive. I paid more for my old mattress from a very well known mattress brand and it was nowhere near as comfortable as this one.
 This has to be the thickest, bounciest mattress I have ever owned. It is 32cms thick, that’s almost a third of a metre!

This boasts 325 springs and padded with pressure relieving memory foam. To say I get a good night’s sleep on this is an understatement. I have been sleeping like a baby since it arrived.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to manoeuvre onto my bed. The lovely delivery guys took it upstairs for me, but I had to lift the old mattress off the bed first and then get this new one through my bedroom door and onto my bed alone! It weighs a whopping 47kg, it’s not far off my weight and it’s big. I was glad to find handles on either side of the length which really helped.
 I was not the only one, amazed by the sheer size of it. As soon as my girls saw it, they were straight on it, testing out how soft and bouncy it is. Izebella told me it was like a trampoline.

I like the overall top pattern too, it reminds me of old style white wallpaper. I could just sleep on this mattress by itself, no bedding needed as it is just so amazingly comfy.

I think teddy likes his new bed too! 

 Of course, I don’t sleep on it alone. I’d be too worried about marks or bits of make up/perfume rubbing off and it looking grubby, plus I would no doubt get a bit cold during the night with no bedding. 
 As well as lots of furniture items, both big and small; JYSK also has lots and lots of lovely accessories and soft furnishings including some bedding items to make my bed fit for a queen.

First; and most importantly – the duvet.


The ULVIK duvet, again in king size. When I just picked up this duvet up, my thoughts were that it felt too light to be suitable for Winter. It is a 10.5 too but it’s really deceptive. The filling inside is airy siliconised spiral shaped hollow fibre so it seems to weigh much less than its discount store counterparts. Once on my new mattress however, my thoughts completely changed. It felt much much heavier over me than it did lifting it.

It keeps me warm, it does not make me over heat. It keeps me a just the right temperature. I have no idea how it does, but believe me it does. Again just look at the floral pattern on this duvet and the quilted effect just says luxury. However this duvet (king size) costs just £20. 
Not wanting to spoil my duvet in any way. I also have a new duvet cover set too.

I feel it’s important to get a duvet set that matches the room decor. White of course always blends well with anything so it’s a good choice.
 The Nell Sateen duvet set costs £30.00 and it certainly looks great on my bed.

Soft and luxurious, combined with my new duvet and mattress. It feels like heaven sleeping in this bed.
The set includes the duvet cover and two pillow cases.

And that’s not all. With my bed being my happy place. I just had to add a few more little extras.

My added touches are fake fur throws and cushions from JYSK Lotus range. The cushions are £5.00 each and the throws £15 each. They come in the brown, which I have, and also a silver option.

Yes they do appear more white than brown. The brown is the under layer of the throws and a base layer for the cushions with white fake fur over it. The two colours really blend so well.

You can see here, the brown showing through in the light, it almost appears as gold.

The feel of fake fur on my arms at night is amazing. It’s a light throw too, and therefore doesn’t feel heavy. I just love having one on my bed.

The cushions can of course be used on sofas too. The colour shades blend well with a black background.

The throw can be washed if needed but unfortunately the cushions cannot. The fake fur covers do not come off and putting them in a washing machine would no doubt ruin them. They can be wiped clean with care, but it’s probably best to just try to keep them clean and away from sticky hands and substances. 

Well I will certainly be enjoying my very comfortable nights sleeps from now on, thanks to my amazing mattress and bedding from JYSK.

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