The Game of Things

We have been testing out and reviewing a lot of games recently. We actually have 2 big cupboards full to the brim of board games and family games which we never get tired of playing, we usually get at least one out most nights.
Our new game is a really unusual one. It’s obviously a really really amazing game too because it even has its very own website all to itself.

There aren’t that many games that come presented in a special wooden box either, the majority come in flimsy cardboard which end up caving in after a few weeks, but not this game. It’s a bit like a large version of a dominos box.
The contents inside don’t really look like much. Hundreds of cards. Score sheets, a few pencils and some answer tear off sheets.
The cards read like this

Hundreds of different questions with no correct answer. Players take turns to each read out one of these cards and then everyone puts an answer on th tear off strips.

The answer can be anything, even something totally random. These answers all get folded up small and into a cup, or something else to be muddled together. The “reader” who is the one who read the card will then undo all the answer sheets and read them aloud. It’s then down to the player next to the reader to guess  who wrote each answer. And that is more or less how it’s played throughout with each player taking turns to be the reader.
Points are given for correct guesses. A wrong guess means play passes into the next player for them to guess,if it’s a correct guess then the person who wrote the answer is then out of the round and play continues until only one player remains.
The winner has the most points and wins the game.

It works much better with more players. The box recommends a minimum of four. I was a little shocked that the age guide is 14 and over but I think this may be down to the fact that some questions could be considered  a little risqué and geared more towards adults than children.
The game of things is a fairly new addition  to the UK gaming market and therefore not that widely available just yet. It can be purcha directly from the Game of Things website for £32.99 and over on Amazon, although it seems to cost more.
I do think it is more an adults game than one for children so I’ll probably be saving this one for when I have friends and family round, and of course for when my children are a little older.

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