Funny Bunny game 

The bunnies are in a race to get to the big carrot at the top of the hill, but on the way are holes and traps which send the poor little bunnies to the beginning to start their tiring climb all over again! 
This is Funny Bunny from Ravensburger games. No batteries are required for this one and it seems to be a game aimed at the much younger generation of 4 and over. 

The main game board is set out like a big hill with a huge carrot right at the top. A path winds it’s way up and around the Bunny hill. Up to four players can play, each player staring with 4 Bunny pieces. No dice, no spinner, just a pile of cards.

The cards will either show a carrot or a rabbit. A rabbit card means move the shown amount of places. So for the card above this would be one place, this can be u  to three. Any of the four pieces can be moved or played.
The carrot card means the big carrot needs to be turned. There are not as many carrot cards as rabbit cards but the carrots can really alter the game play. Turning the carrot changes the location of the rabbit holes and should any piece fall down a hole then this sends that piece to the beginning. The carrot can also activate the mole which can knock a Bunny piece off and then there is the drawbridge which if up means players cannot cross. There is also a gate close to the end which can knock players onto a spot much lower down.
A carrot turn has caused a few frustrations in our house with Izebella even throwing a piece in anger, she’s a bad loser. We found it an easy game to get the hang of, minimal rules, zero set up and lots of fun sending others back to the beginning.
Buy for £14.99 from many good toy stores. 

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