Little Tikes Swim to me Puppy 

Little Tikes are probably better known for their larger outdoor toys and ride on’s, but they also have a selection of smaller indoor toys too. Just like this adorable puppy.

This cute little dude comes with the goggles, a lead and its own little birth certificate.
Puppy needs batteries, he walks on the lead and walks alone. Who needs a real puppy when you can have this one?

 But the best thing about this puppy is that he also goes in water. He loves the water and will kick his legs as soon as his puppy sensors feel the water. I was really worried that putting the puppy in the water would ruin the batteries and stop him from working, after all batteries and water just don’t work together do they? I did not need to worry, because puppy works fine after being in the bath, and a bath full of foamy bubbles too. 


 I’m not sure if he’s meant for bubble bath, but he worked fine straight after. He wouldn’t turn off until his sensors were completely dry and so ends up walking off the wet around the bathroom, which Izebella finds hilarious. He is quickly dried off with a towel. His sensors are at the front, located under his collar and special button. It’s these that need to be dry or he will just keep on walking thinking he’s still in the water.

Izebella loves her new Swim to Me Puppy, she just couldn not wait to put him in the bath with her. I was really surprised that puppy was fine in the bath, despite it being full of bubbles. There was zero water inside the puppy device, it’s quite baffling how it works in the water as the battery compartment and cover seem the same as any other toy. 

Swim to me Puppy costs between £25-£30 at most toy stores.

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