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Gift Pup, the place for personalised gifts let us choose a few of their products. 
I do love personalised gifts as they give that extra special touch, be it birthday or Christmas; personalised gifts are in a way, a unique kind of present. 
First Jordanna has a beautiful fairy cushion with her name on.

My girls love anything fairies on and I think this is a really pretty gift for any girl. Each cushion is custom made to order within 48 hours and they are also allergy free with allergy friendly filling. The cushions cost Β£24.99 with included  personalisation. If fairies aren’t for you then Gift Pup have many other cushion designs to choose from including photo uploads. The cushions are all priced differently too. 

Ryan has an apron. It may seem strange for a boy to have an apron but Ryan enjoys cooking and took hospitality and catering as an option at school. He can use the school aprons but chooses to use his own and he was in need of a new one, so here it is: 

There is also a bit of a joke behind the dishwasher thing, he rarely, if ever washes the pots at home but seemed to have a strange obsession with a dishwasher whilst on a trip away.  I don’t have any pictures of him wearing this unfortunately as he wouldn’t let me take one. I am assured it fits him fine and some of his friends have told me that he wears it in every cookery lesson. 
Again many choices of Aprons at Gift Pup. Adult aprons cost Β£17.99 and kids for Β£14.99. 
Gift Pup have lots of lovely personalised gifts to choose from for that extra personal touch.

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