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Books always make great stocking filler ideas. Especially books like these.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids love a good story book too, but they have a small library full of them to read anytime they want. These three books take reading to the fun side. A selection of jokes, questions and quizzes. The sort of thing I would have liked when younger.
This or That Book 2: Is the follow on from the first This or That book. The colourful pages are full of would you rather? type questions. Some of which can get fairly annoying when you have a 13 year old constantly asking them for a good half hour. However I certainly get the appeal of this book. It’s fun and it reads like a school work book with lines and doodles across the pages.
 Now which would you rather?

Joke & Riddle Bonanza: No mini library would be complete without a good old joke book. You can probably imagine why I’d include this as a stocking filler too! Picture Christmas evening once the presents are ripped open, the turkey eaten and aunts and uncles who haven’t been seen for years are already on the whisky, yes out comes the joke book. And whether funny or not there is bound to be laughs.  

This joke book is by Michael J Pellowski. There are a few themes sections as you browse through. Some jokes funny, some strange and others just downright silly. The jokes are all safe for kids with no rude or really vulgar ones. 

Finally Quiz me: This book contains lots of multiple choice personality type quizzes. There are 10-16 questions in each one asking about seasons, food, crushes etc. At the end of each one, you add up your scores and read what it says about you and what you can do. It’s a good book for teenagers I think. 

These books will be available over at Amazon and in book stores. All of them much less than £10 each. More information about these books and many more titles can be found at Sterling books.

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