NIKKO VelociTraX

With less than one hundred days left until Santa makes his worldwide trip, it’s now the time of year when many parents consider what to buy or even ask their beloved children what they want.          

 A popular one for boys over the years has been remote control cars or other RC vehicles . They come in many forms to suit most budgets. Some being great, others falling apart within weeks. 

We have been having lots of fun with one RC viechle model and that’s the NIKKO Velocitrax from Toy State.

The veichle resembles something inbetween a car and a tank. It comes in orange and green colour choices. In the box is the Velocitrax machine along with the remote control. The good thing is that all batteries come included in the box too.
 The car has a rechargeable battery, charged by an included adaptor. 

Velocitrax is one of the better well designed RC cars. It is designed to go over most terrains meaning it can be played with inside and out. 

 It is rapid with an impressive 9mph speed. This may not sound fast but when you consider the size of the thing at that speed! Yes we need to make sure no toes, fingers or valuables are in its way.
The controller is basic. Two buttons, right and left. Each one controlling one side of the cars tracks. The buttons can be pressed to go forward and backwards only so nothing complicated. Pressing just one button will make the car spin rapidly. Pressing them both together makes it go forwards or backwards. 

This is us, testing it out inside and getting used to just how fast this thing is.

 And yes it even works on a thick carpet too without problems, many RC cars won’t budge on it. 
It is certainly much better when used outside, and also much safer for ourselves, our furniture and our feet. It goes over anything, be it mud, stones, leaves, sand, even water and snow (tho we have not tested it on water yet) 

 It tends to flip a lot when it hits and obstruction and sometimes needs turning the right way so again this is why I’d recommend more outdoor use than indoor.

 With a fast speed and a huge 40m range, who wouldn’t want one of these in their Christmas sack. Be it boys, big boys and even big girls, this is one RC toy that I would highly recommend. Just watch those fingers, toes and pets on first use.
This toy comes with an age guide of 8 years and over, meaning it’s not suitable for younger children or toddlers. There are no small parts but the car is very fast and can easily injure a smaller child. 

This seems to be available in the majority or toy and gift stores including Smyths, menkind, Argos and Amazon. Prices seem to vary between Β£39.99 – Β£49.99. 

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