Awesome little green men

So in this house we have so many collectible little figures. Everything from shopkins, to tsum tsums and Splashlings. All looking rather girly and certainly aimed more towards girls.
Well now comes something a little different yet still totally collectible!

It’s these “Awesome Little Green Men”, but they aren’t just green, there are also little blue awesome dudes here too. Maybe it should be called Awesome green and blue men,  but anyway these seem to gear more towards the boys, but of course in this gender neutral toy world, anyone can play with them.

Just like other collectible figures, they come in blister packs and blind bags/boxes meaning it’s a surprise each time.  And as for what they actually are – well they are like mini solidiers. Some come with weapons, others with viechles. Each with a name and number just like the real thing. 
There are two sides to this battle – Green and Blue. They aren’t just pretty standing figures either as a battle game can be played with these guys. There’s a fair few to collect and even their dog tags too. 

I do think this may be popular amongst younger boys. The battle packs costs Β£24.99 and blind boxes Β£3.99 each. Buy from Smyths toy store, Amazon, Very and other toy retailers. 

Find out more on these awesome little green men and the battles here!


  1. Chris
    October 3, 2017 / 00:38

    If you look on the bottom of the box you will see a code, actually two codes, and Boston on the bottom of the box. One code is the same on every box, but the other code is different and starts with 056. This number tells you which army man is inside. For example: 056-2472 is 1-086 PRIVATE ROMEO & 056-8140 is 1-054 PRIVATE DOGFACE. If somebody could collect the information and post the information of which box contains which army man, it would be easier for people to ensure they get a new man and do not get duplicates which wastes money. Please help me get this information out there with the hopes that someone will continue to collect and Post said information.

    • Anonymous
      October 13, 2017 / 13:29

      Character code update:
      056-2472 : 1-086 PRIVATE ROMEO
      056-8140 : 1-054 PRIVATE DOGFACE
      046-2582 : 1-096 CAPT. QUIVER
      076-2259 : 1-063 SGT. MAJOR WARHEAD
      036-2647 : 1-001 PRIVATE INSURANCE
      086-2473 : 1-087 CORPORAL COMBAT

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