Rock Dog DVD & Giveaway 

Sky Cinema are releasing Rock Dog on DVD next month – October 16th. 

The movies main character Bodi finds a radio dropped by a passing aeroplane and decides he wants to be a rock n roll star. He heads out to the city to find a music legend despite his Father’s wishes. 
Of course like most movies, there are perils, adventures and enemies ahead. The enemy in this case being a nasty pack of wolves led by Linnux. It’s down to Bodi and all the other Tibetan Mastiff dogs to guard their peaceful village – Snow mountain from the wolves plot. 

If Bodi can find the musician and protect the village he may just fulfill his dream of becoming a Rock Dog! 

It’s a fun family and kids film to watch with just a 90 minute run time and it’s PG rating means it’s fine for all of us to watch. 

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There are 2 copies of Rock Dog on DVD up for grabs. If you want to be in with a chance to win one then just click the link below. 

Ends October 17th 2017 
Entrants need to have active Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts and be a UK resident 

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