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Love it or hate it, old or young! Everyone had heard of or seen a Beano comic. Beano is older than my parents, it began back in the 1930s with thousands of comics and apparel being produced worldwide. The most famous character of course being Dennis the Menace and his sidekick dog Gnasher. Other notable characters include Minnie the Minx and Billy Whizz. 
My dad was a keen fan of the Beano when younger back in the 1950s. My brother liked it too, throghout the 1980s and my younger brother through the late 1990s so it’s certainly here to stay. Beano does seem aimed more towards boys than girls so it was never really my thing growing up, but my 13 year old son does enjoy comic books and does enjoy Beano merchandise too.
Did you know Beano has its own store? where you can buy comic subscriptions and lots of Beano themed products? Well they sure do and they have a few Back to School items for the young Beano fans. 

Yes they have a Beano bag, notebooks and even a pencil case full of Beano stationery. 
These items can be purchased individually but if you purchase the Back to School pack for just Β£24.99 then you save about Β£7.00. 
This is a must for any Beano fan, but watch out boys and girls, I guarantee there are many dads who will be wanting these too! 

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