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With three kids, two cats and a tortoise, I have a lot of cleaning and washing to do, it often feels like a never ending cycle and there is always something to clean. Cleaning products fill my under sink cupboard. I never know which is best to use, I get a lot of stained washing and stained work tops as my kids can be messy and lazy when it cons to cleaning. We only have one toilet too, between 4 of us so regular toilet cleaning is vital.
Ace have sent over some of their cleaning and stain removal products to try.

Two of these products are for laundry – Ace for Colours & Ace for Whites. 

They are both pretty much self explanatory, one being for colour washing and the other for whites. Both are used as an addition to regular detergent. The colour product is tipped into the cap and placed on top of the laundry and the whites product goes into the machine drawer. 
The colour product helps to remove stains and it does seem to remove the majority. The tougher stains usually require a hotter or more intense wash. This product does have a rather nice refreshing scent and the clothes are left smelling good. 
The Ace white is a bleach product so does not smell that good, although there is a slight fragrance which masks the bleach odour a little. This helps to get white clothing looking white again, rather than that awful dull white/slightly grey colour. Again it does also remove stains but should not be applied directly to clothes. 
I have also been using two other Ace cleaning products – their All Purpose Spray & Descaler toilet gel. 

The multi purpose spray I found particularly impressive. Not only does it smell good but it also cleans up any surface stains with ease. It leaves my worktops looking very clean and shiny. This can also be used on coloured clothing to remove stains.
Finally the toilet gel. I’m glad I have this as there is nothing worse than manually cleaning a toilet and especially under the bowl rim where all sorts of nasty, disgusting things lurk. This has the duck shape neck which squirts the cleaner right under the rim, removing any nasties and allowing the cleaner to run into the bowl cleaning the sides. So no need to stick a sponge or brush inside. I just leave it on for an hour or overnight then flush and the toilet is clean again. I do this every 2 days or so as I hate dirty toilets.
Ace cleaning products can be purchased from all leading supermarket stores. They are really inexpensive. Find out more on the Ace website. 

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