DC Comics Wonder Woman Hero Light 

The lovely people at Paladone have sent me over a brand new light to brighten up my bedroom a bit. 

This is just one of many lights and gadgets that Paladone have. They also have many funky products dedicated to the DC Superheros characters. 
It’s an easy “use from the box” type product with the only assembly being to place the actual light inside the battery box.

It works off either batteries (not included) or a USB cable which is included. The USB cable which I prefer plugs into a standard phone charger or laptop and removes the need for constant batteries. 
Now as you can see by the photograph above. This light doesn’t really look or do that much during the day time. But that all changes once it get darks! 

Yes it’s quite bright, and really illuminates the room. I keep it by my bed, so when things go bump in the night and I start getting scared that the monsters have come in, I simple press the button and it scares them away. It also looks really cool and retro too. Wonder Woman television series is a bit before my time but she is still probably one of my favourite DC characters. 
And if you want one of these then it’s just £19.99. 

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