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Well I think by now, most of my readers know how much I love my beauty bits and make up. Today I have two products from Sleek Make up. Both of these products can be purchased in stores such as Boots and Superdrug.

My first product is the Distorted Dreams highlighting palette. I have really become quite addicted to the whole new contouring conception and a palette like this one is a much needed item for my make up bag. 

Facial contouring is all about enhancing your best bits, usually the cheekbones, slimming the face and tricking the eye by enhancing and adding reflection etc. Contouring and highlighting are best started after applying a base foundation. There is no set way on how to contour and highlight your face, everyone’s facial shape is different and there is lots of information on the internet on which way works best for each facial shape. 
This particular highlighting palette contains five individual segments of colour. 

These colours being – Anodize, Beam, Sweet delusion, Refraced and Blurred lights. This is a little confusing so I’ll just call them bronze, blush, highlight, blue and green as I’ve no idea which one is which. The colours are also a mix of powders and creams. 
My face is like a heart shape, larger forehead and smaller features at the bottom. The first colour I always use in a palette such as this is the bronze colour or brown. Add the blush and then the light highlight colour. This diagram shows pretty much where I’d normally apply these colours with either a make up sponge or a brush. 

So by following a picture such as this with the colours, I can easily enhance my cheek bones whilst slimming down my forehead with the bronze colour. The lighter colours of course attract more light on the face. These colours together also act as concealer to hide away imperfections.
Now of course I don’t just apply the make up like this and leave it like that. I’d be walking round like a clown if I did! No the idea is to apply correctly and blend in carefully.

My face shape seems to be more oval after contouring and highlighting but it’s really just a good inexpensive cosmetic trick, and yes it does wonders for those cheekbones too.
Now I haven’t forgot, there are two other colours in this palette, and I’m fairly new to adding other colour shades than the usual three. It may sound a strange idea adding green and purple shades to anywhere but the eyes but again these colours do come in very useful to give the perfect contoured look. 
The green shade is good for areas of rosy complexion as it neutralises the skin tone. So if cheeks are too red or patches of redness then a little of the green may help. The purple shades actually help to banish dull and yellow areas, think under eyes! 
The five colours work together so well, being a blend of creams and powders together and also really shimmery meaning the light will reflect all the right places on the face.
It’s like having five products in one and only costs Β£10.99. It even comes with a handy mirror too.
And for my lips I have this Matte Me Metallic lip cream.

This one costs just Β£4.99 and available in 3 luminous shades. It gives a metallic foil like finish. This colour is Rusted Rose. It goes on like a deep lilac colour which I find very pretty. In fact it just happens to be a similar shade to some interior paint I recently bought. 

I’m wearing this lip cream in the top photograph above too, it seems to work really well with the palette too. 
I think this make up is amazingly priced and great quality too. 

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