The Sonic Booma!Β 

These are the new Sonic Booma outdoor toys from Wicked vision toys. 
There is not much to them. It’s basically a 3 sided throwing device made of plastic. However my older two kids love it. (Funny how the small things make a big imapact. 
Now there is a knack or a right way to correctly throw this so that it turns round and comes back to you. I have mastered this just the once. Jordanna is yet to get there whilst Ryan is doing pretty good so far. This booma can travel a massive 15-20 meters and is best used in a big open space; such as a field with minimal people around You don’t want it landing in someone’s face. Whilst in flight, and if flying correctly it will also make a strange whistling sound a bit like loud birds. 
Anyway there is not much point me writing lots more about this. It is much better to show it in action. 

These Sonic Boomas cost Β£9.99. 

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