More than just a book! Themed book boxes; Book delights!

I think all children love books, and even some adults too. The old classic tales never seem to fade out or get forgotten  like many of the more modern stories do.
Some books seem really magical but! Just imagine a book that is not only a book but a whole lot of other accessories and nice things based on that book. A package full of items based on a story that is also included. 
Just like these! 

These are just some  of the themed book boxes from Book delights and the boxes include well known titles such as Alice in Wonderland, famous five, Harry Potter plus many more.
This is the first time I have come across a themed box based on a book with the book included and I think it’s a lovely idea which will make a lovely gift. 
For Izebella I have the Beatrix Potter box. This comes with all of these items.

This particular box would make a great birthday/Christmas gift for a young child. There is a notebook, coloured pencils, a money tin, bookmark, postcard, jigsaw and the surprise wrapped gift. 

I really loved how one of the gifts was wrapped so nicely. Izebella couldn’t wait to see what was waiting inside the blue paper! 

Yes it was the classic book itself, The tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. A book that has been around for many many years and is still enjoyed by by many children today.  
The book boxes aren’t just for children either. They have book themed boxes for adults too which even includes an Alice in Wonderland box. The adult boxes are similar to the children’s boxes but have the addition of candles, tea bags and small jewellery items or similar which would not be suitable for a child. 
Each box costs Β£26.00. The value of the items in each box will be worth more than the Β£26 if bought separately. I think these boxes would help to encourage a child to read the actual book as everything is themed towards the one book included. 
The boxes can be purchased directly from Book Delights or from Etsy. You can get 10% off a box on the website using code bizzimummy10.

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