Summer waterproofs from Didriksons

Didriksons has become a firm favourite in our coat cupboard over the years with its broad collection of outdoor “All weather” clothing and shoes. It’s one of those brands that never seems to let us down.
Didriksons have lots of new products in their new Summer 17 collection including Summer waterproofs and jackets. All with bright Summer colours and designed for those unpredictable rainy moments. 
The Freneka softshell jacket is the one that stood out for me. 
It’s a very bright fuschia colour or there is a navy if preferred.  The hood is removeable and the high zip line acts as a chin guard. Inside the jacket is a thin line of fleece and there is one pocket on the front.
I think this is probably the first time I have come across the softshell material. It differs hugely from the usual waterproof coats. It does not feel waterproof to touch but it certainly keeps a bit of light  rain at bay. 

All of Didriksons products come with a specific weather system – Storm, breeze, thermal and Each system giving different levels of protection from various types of weather and temperature. More about the system guides can be found here. The Freneka jacket come with the Breeze system. This means it is windproof and able to withstand wind and light rainfalls and therefore suitable for a British Summer. 

Izebella loves her new coat and especially so because it’s pink. I like it because it’s very light and can easily be folded into a small bag when not needed. It also keeps her dry during rainfalls and warm when the weather starts to get cooler. It is really breathable too and does not make her too hot or sweaty despite having a fleecy layer. 

Yes it can also withstand all sorts of hungry creatures too, and the odd bit of sand, with lots of wind. 

Or just playing about and a bit of silliness! 

I do tend to go for a size bigger than I normally would when it comes to jackets and outdoor wear. I got a European size 120 this time which converts to a UK 6/7 years. Izebella will be 5 this year. The jacket is a little long on the arms so I’m just rolling the sleeves back a little until her arms grow a bit. Apart from that it’s fine and does exactly what it says on the label – keeps her warm and dry but comfortable. 
The jackets do seem to differ in price, depending on where they are bought from. Many outdoor gear type stores sell Didriksons products and I have found this particular style of jacket at Alpine Trek, Snow + rock, Nipper skipper, Bootz, and Amazon with prices between Β£30-Β£45.

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