Imagine if you will, having chef prepared meals in your own home every day, no cooking, no mess and the food tasting delicious whilst being healthy and nutritious. Hard to believe right? But it’s now possible to have those meals with the Everdine service. 

And here is how it works! 
There are over 20 choices of meals on the menu. These include meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes. There are two plans to choose from – either 8 meals or 12. 
The meals are then cooked by trained chefs who use all natural ingredients and only unprocessed foods.
The meals are then delivered to home and all arrive in recyclable packaging meaning even less mess. 
The plans start at Β£64.00 a box.
I had the 8 meal plan. This is how the meals arrive. 

The meals are all inside these very secure cardboard containers which look a little like takeaway food boxes. However what’s inside is so much better and healthier than any take away food. Each box is colour coded. Yellow for poultry, red for other meats and blue for fish. Once they arrive they can be placed in the freezer until needed. 
The meals are already cooked so they really just need re heating and each one only takes between 8-10 minutes. 
Here is just a selection of the delicious chef prepared meals that I have been enjoying recently. 
Harissa & king prawn tabbouleh 

Lemon & black pepper chicken 

Coconut Katsu chicken  

Roast duck breast & blueberries 
And I still have a few in my freezer yet to try. I found all the meals very tasty and cooked to perfection. They tasted just like I would expect food to taste at a nice restaurant and I have no complaints about the food whatsoever. They are tasty and totally mess free. No cooking, minimal preparation and minimal mess as all the packaging can go in the recycle bins.
The recipes get updated frequently too with new ones added.
I’m not sure Β£68 is something I could afford on a weekly basis on top of my regular food shopping and meals for my children but it has been lovely to try them out. 
If you want to try Everdine then I have a huge discount code of Β£30 off a first box. The code is IN1BIZZIMUMMY
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