Pipsticks subscription

Yes it’s another subscription box. I do love them don’t I . 
This time it’s all about stickers and it’s called Pipsticks. They are US based but happily ship to the UK and a fair few other countries.
Pipsticks is letterbox friendly meaning the monthly subscription fits through the door rather than waiting in all day.

So what’s inside?? Well that depends which subscription pack is chosen as there is one for kids and one for adults as adults like stickers too.. don’t they? The pack start at $9.99 and there are two size packs to pick from.
These are the contents of the latest kids pack. 

So, we got about 15 sheets of different themed stickers with all sorts of cutesy things on them. A few pieces of coloured paper and a colour in picture (not on photo). There is also a small raffle ticket which we keep as they have a giveaway each month.
And that’s the pipsticks subscription. My kids love it, what child doesn’t love new stickers each month! 

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