National bagel day 

Today is national bagel day, those donut bread type things that have apparently been around and enjoyed since the 1600s!
To celebrate the day, New York bakery sent us over some of their bagels to enjoy. New York bakery are famous for their many bagel products. 

Bagels can be enjoyed hot or cold and any time of the day. Have them toasted for breakfast or use a variety of fillings for lunch. Both savoury and sweet fillings can be used so they are pretty versatile.
They can be made with literally anything but having 3 kids who can be fussy and all like different things, we decided to keep the ingredients simple.
Cheese spread for Izebella! 

Chicken for Ryan!

And for me and Jordanna – we had bacon with BBQ sauce! 

And Jordanna, feeling hungry even opted to eat a plain bagel straight from the packet.

Enjoy your bagel day!!

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