Healthy meals from Mindful Chef

In keeping with a fairly healthy start to 2017, I received a large box full of ingredients from Mindful Chef.
Mindful chef is a food/recipe subscription service which enables the user to cook healthy new meals at home from scratch. They send all the necessary ingredients along with recipe cards and you make the food.
Boxes can be for either one, two or four people. Each week the recipes change and they all sound pretty exciting and interesting. There are vegetarian options but for me I prefer a bit of meat or fish with my meals.
This is what the box contents look like when they arrive in the box.

Everything comes in bags like this. Any meat and fish come in the plastic ice bag and the rest in the brown paper bags.

As you can everything is simply good fresh ingredients and nothing else. Meat, vegetables, herbs, spices, dressings and sauce, nothing bad or unhealthy.
With my ingredients I was able to make two meals for four people which included a chicken and a pork dish. The first one I made was – Chicken Cacciatore with sweet potato. Instructions are very clear and it is really easy.

It didn’t look quite like the image on the recipe card but tasted great and even my children thought so too.

And then…. crispy pork schnitzel with carrot fries! This one was also easy peasy and very tasty.

And no the pork isn’t burnt its just the coating that cooked before the pork but it didn’t taste burnt at all.
The ingredients are pretty generous and a four person box could easily stretch to six. All the portions I made were the same size and there was a lot of it on both recipes. I found the included meat joints of pork and chicken to be very generous in size.
I very much enjoyed both making and eating my new recipes from Mindful chef.


  1. February 27, 2017 / 03:47

    Beautiful words. Wishing you all healing thoughts and prayers at this time. I am very sorry for your loss.

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