Festive baking 

My  children have been busy baking recently and it’s all Christmas themed, just to get us in the festive mood a bit more. 
We used the new Snowman and snowdog kits from Cake angels. They can be purchased in most supermarkets.  These kits are really good for kids as the instructions are easy to follow and the cakes don’t take long at all. 

Ryan pretty much did all the baking by himself. The only parts I really helped him with was rolling out the gingerbread dough and obviously taking cakes out of the oven.
He found the chocolate muffin cakes pretty straight forward. These come with edible snowman paper decorations, but it just so happened that we already had some cake angels festive edible cake toppers in the cupboard so on they went. And here are Ryan’s snowman chocolate muffins. 
The gingerbread kit again was pretty straightforward. It comes with icing tubes, jelly beans and a paper stencil for the shapes which is placed on the dough and cut around. Unfortunately cutting around the dough just was not working, so instead we used some cookie cutters that we already had. These made heart and flower shapes and using some white chocolate along with the included icing, Ryan was able to create snowmen. 

He baked everything just right, not bad for a 12 year old boy. I did of course supervise him around the oven and both the cakes and biscuits taste lovely.
The kits cost about £2-£2.50 each. 

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