Testing out our Radio control inflatables!Β 

Take a look at these dudes! 

So funky right? These are the new RC inflatables from Bladez toys. Last year Ryan tested out the Minion inflatables and this year it’s the girls turn to have a go. 
I chose Dory and Olaf which I knew both girls would love. They both come boxed and deflated. Six AA batteries are needed for each one. Four go in the bottom of the inflatable and two in each remote control. You don’t get a pump with them, we have an electric pump so used that to inflate which took a few minutes for each one. The instructions recommend manual blowing to inflate but there is no way I could of blown them both up myself. They are not overly big but would take a whole lot of puffing to get them up. 

Each one has an on/off and on but muted switch on the bottom. When first switched on they will talk and chatter. The remote does not have an on/off switch as such, but it can lose connection if not played with or switched off for a while. They can easily be repaired by holding the forward button towards the bottom of the figure. 

These inflatables are so much fun to play with and watch, they speed along the floor, turn, spin, move backwards and make noise. They seem really easy to control and even work on carpeted floors, tho obviously much better on hard floors. 

The only worry I have with these is that they could be easily popped or get holes, we do have a cat, so I do make sure my girls keep them in their bedrooms and deflate if they don’t use them for a while. Repair patches do come included.
The inflatables are priced at Β£24.99 each from Bladez toys. There are many other well known characters to choose from and are very easy to set up and get going.

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