Drumond Park: Stoopido review & giveaway 

This is Stoopido! 

It’s a game from the well known game company – Drumond Park It’s named Stoopido – possibly because it is very “Stoopido” and quite silly. It’s brand new and released just in time for Christmas.

If you have rather silly children or a very silly family then you will no doubt enjoy the game. It consists of spectacles and lots of silly face parts.

And here is how to play it! 

 Each player puts on  a pair of red plastic Stoopido Spectacles, The stoopitoot is placed in the middle of the play area, with the four Slap Pads  positioned around it.  

Players take it in turns to roll the dice, but everyone reacts and plays at the same time! The youngest player starts and play moves clockwise.

 If you roll the NOSE, EYES, HAT or EARS, players race to ‘slap’ or touch the corresponding Slap Pad – and the person who gets there first picks a Stoopido Face Piece from the corresponding pile – and adds it to the glasses of ANY player that isn’t already wearing a Stoopido Face Piece of that feature.

However should you roll the GLASSES, then it’s bad luck because the player to your left gets to pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature you don’t already have and adds it to your glasses!

 If you roll the ‘Stoopitoot’, the player who gets there first and squeaks it can choose to either pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature and place it on ANY player, or choose ANY Stoopido Face Piece from their own glasses and put it back on its pile.

 If a player’s glasses are full they must resign themselves to sitting out looking just a little bit ‘stoopido’ for the remainder of the game. The fun continues round the table until there is only one player left without a full face of Stoopido Face Pieces on their glassand that player wins. 

We did find the game rules a little puzzling at first and wondered if we would ever beable to get our heads around it. Also everyone goes for the buzzer at once so it’s really just a case of quickest first education can cause arguments.

There are so many combinations of silly faces that can be made and it can be lots of fun. The one thing that worries me a little is that many of the face parts are made of card and will therefore easily become ripped and worn over time, apart from that my kids love it and it passes the time on the cold nights.

Stoopido is aimed towards the slightly older child of 8 and over and costs approximately £17.99


Drumond park are offering a copy of the Stoopido game as a prize. To be considered please click the link below.

(T&Cs – The prize offered is one Stoopido family game from Drumond park. One winner will revive the game. Please ensure you all have a working email address)

End date is November 30th 2016


  1. November 1, 2016 / 15:55

    These looks great for the older kids.

  2. Elspeth MacMillan
    November 28, 2016 / 20:20

    Looks great fun 😀

  3. Niki Clifton
    November 29, 2016 / 11:13

    looks like a great game toplay as a family

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