University Games – Chicken Charades

Yes I’m back again with another fun family game from University Games

This is Chicken Charades and again I can imagine this also being perfect for Christmas Day family fun, just after Christmas dinner. We however have been enjoying playing on those long rainy Summer holiday days.

There is no board with this one so it can’t really be classed as a board game but more a fun game.

What you get in the box, is an egg timer, cards, dice and a strange rubbery squeaking chicken.

It is similar play to the regular charades game and if your intending on buying this then I’m sure you will not need a charades explanation. Rather than acting out words with hands or regular props; in chicken charades, players use the chicken to act out the words on the cards.

The words all vary in difficulty and a throw of the dice determines which number on the card the player needs to act out with the chicken. Players can’t speak and must use the chicken in their act. Other players/team members only get 10 seconds on the timer to guess.

I do think the 10 seconds should be longer, maybe 15/20 as the time is usually over before players have really begun to act out and especially so for younger players. We sort of made our own little rule up by turning the timer back over just to give that extra bit of time. 

Acting out with the silly chicken can be hard as others see just the chicken and assume it’s something to do with chicken and also it can get in the way. 

Play can be in teams or individual and players keep a card on a correct guess which equals one point. The first to ten points wins.

The game does not consist of much so it’s good for taking on holidays or breaks and possibly a good one for camping trips too.

And the price – Β£19.99 from Amazon, Argos, Tesco and other good toy stores. This is probably slightly more than what I would expect to pay for a game of this type but if you search around it will possibly be a bit less. The age guide is 8 years and over which I consider appropriate. 

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