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I know it’s a Monday morning and far too early to be mentioning wine, especially so after my weekend antics! But I recently came across a pretty good subscription service for wine and thought I’d give it a mention. I know many people reading this also enjoy the odd wine tipple too. 

Anyway it’s called Vinoa and you can get the majority of information on how it works on the Vinoa website. Basically it’s a subscription service (of which I have tried many) and you get wine every month. 

There are a few other wine subscriptions already out there but Vinoa is a little different. Instead of the usual 2 large bottles each month which others seem to offer, Vinoa sends out six smaller bottles instead. These can be red, white or a mixture and yes you get to decide. 

I have a mixture of red and white here and the bottles are all 187mls. 

Now some may be thinking “why the small bottles – as opposed to normal size”? Well I prefer the smaller ones for a few reasons. 

*bigger bottles get wasted, I never drink the whole bottle as I rarely drink at home. 

  • I only ever drink at home prior to a night out. Therefore a smaller bottle is just enough for that first drink.

  • I can take them with me, if say I’m going to a friends. A big bottle weighs more and is more obvious.

Vinoa have their own explanation of the smaller bottles –“Just like when you go to a bar or a restaurant, a bottle is OK if there are several of you. But when you are alone or with your partner and you want just one glass, wine by the glass is the way to go. So why should it be any different at home?”

So yes it’s all designed to have at home and in my case, prior to a night out. 

The wines come from all over the world so it’s six different flavours each month. I’m not going to go into countries or grape types because I actually no nothing about wine, except that it tastes good and I like it. These are quality wines and the website has lots of info about them. You do also get info cards with the box about each one.

The subscriptions start at just under £30 a month. 


  1. August 15, 2016 / 11:47

    What a great idea having smaller bottles….It means you get plenty of different flavours to try…

  2. August 15, 2016 / 15:57

    Too early for wine? Never! The smaller bottles are nice. But my wife did that one better this past Father’s Day – she bought me a Coravin. Do you know it? Cool device that extracts wine through the cork without oxidizing the wine. So if you want just a glass (or maybe just ONE MORE GLASS, not a bottle) of something, you can have it without spoiling the wine. Check out our California wine country blog: Follow us if you like what you see.

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