Celebrating National sister day with Baby born

Today (August 7th) is national sister day. It’s all about appreciation for your sister and that special family relationship. For those without sisters or the ones who aren’t close to their sister then celebrating with friends who are like sisters today is just as good.

To celebrate national sisters day we had the chance to recieve the brand new Baby Born sister doll.

If you are familiar with Baby born dolls then this one is the baby borns new sister. Unlike the baby features of the baby born interactive doll; this new sister doll has more of a toddler/young child image. 

She comes dressed in jeans and t-shirt and comes with boots, brush, hair accessories, water bottle and friendship bracelets.

Two friendship bracelets come with the doll. One is for the doll and the other for the dolls owner (Izebella). The heart from the dolls bracelet fits inside the other bracelet, a bit like some necklaces and bracelets that true friends can buy.

Sister doll is very pretty with long blonde smooth shiny hair that’s easy to brush and style. The hair comes tied with elastic bands but Izebella was not happy with it and immediately took them out.

There are a few clips and bobbles to style the hair and the included brush does a good job for a doll brush.

No batteries are needed for this doll and therefore it does not talk or walk or move by itself in any way. It does have flexible legs tho which bend at the knee meaning the doll can stand unaided and sit up.

Her bottle can be filled with water and inserted into a hole in the mouth. The bottle needs squeezing slightly for the water to go down. She will then cry tears with a press of the right arm. 

To a young child the tears do look quite realistic but if you get this doll and want to use this feature, I highly recommend putting a bib or dry facecloth around the doll as the tears drip onto the clothes and end up soaked.

Sister doll can be bathed too, on her back is an flat style screwdriver hatch  which can be opened to let any excess water out, otherwise it may drip all over.

I am hoping Izebella lets her sister share her doll today. 

Baby born sister doll is for children ages 3 and over. RRP Β£44.99 from most good toy stores and Amazon.

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