Selfie phone clip for selfie lovers

If like me and my kids; you love taking selfies then this may just be the perfect product for you. 

And if you love your selfies but often get frustrated with it not looking right or it looking too squashed, people chopped out, or having to hold your phone too close up then this is one of those must buy items.

It’s pretty basic, no gimmicks, no batteries or any sort of setting up. 

This little device simply clips over your phone. In my case it’s an iPhone which it fits perfectly and I do believe that it will clip over most phones. The camera bit goes over the front camera for selfies. I had to wiggle it a or a bit to fit it perfectly over the camera and you will know when it is not right because part of it will show on the camera screen.

 The Selfie Phone Clip is a specially designed wide angle lens that increases the scope of your photos. It’s Perfect for group selfies and also panoramic shots when clipped onto the back camera. It is a great way to get the most out of your smartphone camera.

This is a selfie photo of me and Izebella without the selfie clip.

The phone was held at an angle and as far as my arms could stretch but it looks like a close up and would be difficult to include anyone else in the shot.

Then add the selfie clip! 

And the difference is quite noticeable. The slight blur is the sun glare on my face at that moment and nothing to do with the clip. This photograph was taken at the same angle and again a full arms length. It does not look as close up or squashed and it could easily accommodate for other people in this shot.

This selfie phone clip was sent to me by Paladone who are a wholesale gift supplier. It can be purchased on Amazon for approximately Β£8.00 and also found in photo and gift stores.


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