Birds eye and Great British pea week

Last week ( July 11th – 17th) was Great British pea week. I have no idea where pea week originates from but there is a bit of info online. 

To celebrate pea week, we were asked by Birds eye to buy some of their frozen garden peas and make something with them. Now I’m not a pea lover myself, infact one of the only few foods I don’t eat. My two girls however love their peas and were very happy to have their peas this week.

I was sent some vouchers and managed to grab a few other Birds eye goodies too.

I bought all of these birds eye products for under Β£10, all of these will give us about 3 or 4 meals. 

The garden peas are great value and come in a large 860g bag which is sealable. They are already cooked so very easy to make and as the bag is really big they will last a long time. I just tip out the amount I need into a bowl, and add water.

Then microwave which takes just a few minutes, longer if more peas. 

This was Izebellas dinner with Birds eye chicken chargrill, mini waffles and garden peas. The first thing she ate was the peas, she loves them. 

I purchased the Birds eye garden peas from Asda for just Β£2.00.

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