Dr Oetker: Easy choc and Easy ice.

All baking mums (and dads) will be familiar with the Dr Oetker brand and their range of baking goodies. The most recent products from Dr Oetker make it easier to ice and coat cakes. These products are known as “Easy choc” and “Easy ice”. 

Easy choc comes in both milk and white chocolate. It comes in small plastic tubs and when opened this is what you get. 

Yes it’s a large cup shape slab of milk chocolate which actually looks very tempting to just pick up and nibble on all night, I did find it rather hard to resist. However what one needs to do is heat it up in the microwave until it looks like this. 

And it still looked so damn tempting to just eat there and then. 

So the idea of this easy to choc is; once melted, to pour, cover or drizzle over cakes. Or it can be used for dipping – “think strawberries and marshmallows and who needs an expensive chocolate fountain”

Ryan made some cherry scones at school in his cookery class, and it just so happened that our tubs of easy choc had arrived that same morning. We therefore had the rather smart idea to turn the scones into chocolate covered scone cakes with cream. Ryan was very happy to demonstrate how to do it. 

So! There is no complex science or instructions behind easy choc, you simply, heat, pour, cool and enjoy and that’s it. And it’s just delicious yummy chocolate which makes everything taste much better. (Not that I’m knocking Ryan’s scones one bit)

Now onto the other product – “Easy ice”. Icing cakes can sometimes be difficult and daunting. Rolling ice or finding correct icing bags and even making the stuff correctly to begin with. Dr Oetker seem to take a lot of stress away with their easy ice packets. 

There are 3 packets to choose from at the moment being pink, yellow and chocolate. The icing is already made and sealed inside the packets so no mess with the icing sugar. It can go a little firm inside the packet, especially if kept for a while. To soften it again the packet just needs to be placed in a cup of hot water for a short while and kneaded a little. 

To use, snip the corner of the packet open and simply squirt over the cakes or biscuits.

Again this is Ryan demonstrating how it works, he loves baking and cooking and here we are using plain fairy cakes. If you want the icing to look neater then just use a knife or spoon to spread around evenly. Then cool in fridge.

Ryan also decided to add various sprinkles to his cakes, which I should add are all part of the Dr Oetker brand too.

Easy choc and Easy ice can be purchased in most supermarkets and many smaller shops. Easy choc pots are approximately Β£1.79 each and Easy ice just 79p each.
I have often wondered why the baking brand is called Dr Oetker and it turns out that Dr Oetker dud actually exist.

“In 1893 pharmacist Dr. August Oetker introduced Bakin a convenient and superior quality form of Baking Powder packed in small sachets containing exactly the right amount needed to make the popular Gugelhupf cake (the German equivalent of our ever popular Victoria sponge cake).         Dr. Oetker (UK) Limited is part of the International Dr. Oetker group, a privately owned business, established in 1891 that has been successfully run by four generations of the Oetker family, with its international head office in Bielefeld Germany.

        Home Baking is at the heart of Dr. Oetker and Bakin was the company’s very first product launch, in 1893.”


  1. July 4, 2016 / 13:15

    Ohh! I like the look of these. I always struggle making icing. What a great addition to the Dr. Oetker brand x

    • July 4, 2016 / 13:21

      I’m hopeless at icing too.

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