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Every day around 10 young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Despite improving survival rates, cancer is the leading cause of death in children, teenagers and young adults. Hundreds of children will be told this year that they have cancer. Just let that sink in for a moment. When we learned about the challenges that they face, we decided to do something.

The cancer word did not really bother me much until just 2 months ago when my sister was diagnosed with skin cancer. Although she is not a child it still had a big impact and was a worrying time for us all. She had a mole on her face for years which pretty much stayed the same until a few months ago when she noticed it was changing shape and turned into an abcess. She has had it removed via surgery and she is just hoping that’s the end of it and it does not return. She has no idea how or why she got it, it’s a big coincidence too that she’s also a qualified cancer research scientist and even appeared on a panorama episode. My sister does not use sunbeds and always uses high sun protection when abroad. This proves cancer can happen to anyone not just those who smoke or lead unhealthy lifestyles. 

In order to raise awareness and to raise funds, the My Doodles designers have created some special products for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens: A Dragon and a Unicorn!

Available across a variety of products such as USB, headphones, and tablet cases, with each and every sale they will donate a minimum of 50 pence directly to Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens.

It’s a really  scary thought that even very young children can get cancer and if not caught early enough then it can be hard to treat.

My Doodles sell many quirky brightly coloured kids gadgets and accessories, some of which I will be showing you all soon. 

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