Degustabox April reveal 

It’s that time of month once again to reveal the contents of the monthly Degustabox.

“Starting with some tasty snacks”

1) Bebeto- Made with real fruit juices, this pack contained 7 individual packets of fruit strings which taste just like sweets. My 3 year old loves them. Each bag comes with a day of the week but being 3 she did not take much notice.

2) Popchips – lovely crisp type snack, comes in two varieties and we got the garlic & Rosemary. I really enjoyed these and a big sharing pack too.

3) Parle – Parle G is the biggest selling biscuit brand in the world apparently, but I have never heard of it. The Parle rusk are like crunchy sweet pieces of toast, quite a unique flavour with Cardamom.

4) Milkybar/ Smarties – my kids were extremely happy to see thaw chocolate bars. The new Milkybar is called milk & crunchy and has a crispy centre surrounded by white chocolate. The smarties sharing block  combines milk chocolate with mini smarties making it also a crunchy bite. 

For the food cupboard

5) Canderel – I would not normally bother with sweeteners as some of them have a strange taste, but Canderel is just like sugar in both taste and appearance. It can be used anywhere that sugar is needed and less quantity is needed too. It comes with zero calories.

6) Veetee – I love this rice. I already had some of this in my cupboard but it has a good shelf life. The reason I like it so much is because it’s so easy to make. It goes in the microwave for a few minutes. It tastes lovely, probably the best easy rice out there and it comes in many varieties and flavours.

7) Levi Roots – I remember seeing Levi Roots on Dragons den a few years ago. He is now famous for his range of Jamaican inspired sauces and here is just one of them. Coat n Cook jerk sauce can be poured over chicken, ribs or fish.


8) Thor – Thor dry Apple spritz are a refreshing sparkling bottled apple drink. In the box were two drinks – Apple and Apple & mint. I loved the Apple one but not fond of mint so I gave it Ryan who seemed to enjoy it.

9) Rejuvenation water – Bottled Spring water from Derbyshire with amino acids. 3 flavours.

10) Green Lady – This drink sadly did not go too well with my tastebuds but I’m not really a lover of cold tea drinks which is what this is. It’s sparkling tea with a variety of added healthy ingredients.

DISCOUNT BOX – If you want to try Degustabox then it usually costs £12.99 a month which includes anything from 10-15 full size products and delivery. Using the following code means you get £6.00 off your box meaning it costs just £6.99.


Find Degustabox on their website and on Twitter @DegustaboxUk, also Instagram @degustabox_uk and #degustabox_uk.

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