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I am back to trying to get fitter, now that the sun is out, as the last thing I want is a huge belly for Summer. Yes I know, I am by no means overweight but anything that helps keep the flab off is a bonus. I have started back at the gym once again and have also been trying out some meal replacement shakes from Forza Supplements.  

I recieved a box containing a weeks worth of the shakes and a rather cool looking shaker cup. The cup is quite tall with a locking cap so the shakes can be pre made and taken to the gym. It also has a ball inside it which helps speed up yhe shaking process somehow. There is a measuring guide on the cup too so no need to raid the cupboards for a jug.

The box contains enough shakes for 7 days, 14 in total in 3 flavours – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. They come in pre measured individual packets which can be mixed with water. They already contain milk powder along with 22 different vitamins and minerals. Each individual serving of shake contains 204 calories. 

The way it works is to replace 2 meals with 2 shakes each day and eat one healthy meal. Once weight loss is achieved this can be changed to two meals per day and one shake which is meant to keep the weight off. 

The shakes do taste good, just like drinking milkshake and it’s about 300ml each time which is roughly half the cup. I was quite sceptical beforehand being that water, rather than milk is used, but they don’t taste watery at all and quite flavoursome. Mixing is easy too and quite fun with the ball in the cup.

I replaced my breakfast and lunch with a shake. To be honest I rarely eat breakfast anyway, so tw morning hunger was not an issue. I tried it for a week and by the end I was 3lb down. I think it does work if you stick to the plan and also do some exercise. And if you want to find the best workout for you check Total Shape.

I could not find much information about inbetween healthy snacks such as fruits etc, tho I can’t see any reason why healthy snacking would affect this diet plan.

I was sent the 7 day starter pack to test out. This pack is available in Boots and directly from Forza for Β£18.99.

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