Mrs Crimble’s gluten free!

Mrs Crimble’s is launching the first ever range of gluten free continental cakes. The first two products are Classic Madeleines and Chocolate Madeleine with a rich choc filling. Made in France, Mrs Crimble’s NEW Authentically French range provides a simple way to add some panache to breakfast and get the day off to a great start. Wonderfully light, they are also the perfect way to turn a cup of tea or coffee into a real treat – at any time of day.       

I was sent over some packets of the Madeleine’s for us all to try. There are six cakes to each packet and they are all individually wrapped. 

They look like small buns and taste really good. Soft with a lovely filling inside. My kids loved the chocolate one whereas I preferred the classic variety. They do go really well with a nice cup of tea to wash them down with.  

We all tried a few each and ended up taking the remaining few on our trip and hotel stay last week. 

None of us have any gluten intolerance or allergies, luckily but of course did not mind sampling these. Gluten free products seem to have come a long way these passed few years and there is now a great selection of sweet treats available rather than just bread items.

Mrs Crimbles is of course famous for their baked goods and their whole range can be found on their website.

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