Loving the gingers 

There’s lots of ginger in our house right now. Both my girls have reddish hair as did I when I was little. We now have even not ginger thanks to  Border biscuits who have very kindly sent us over a selection of their ginger biscuits to start off the new year with. 

These gingers come in 3 varieties. The old fashioned crunch is like the traditional crunchy ginger biscuit I used to enjoy as a child, although it didn’t help much brig told my hair would turn even more ginger if I ate them more. 

 Then for something a little different and a little sweeter are the chocolate coated gingers in dark and milk chocolate which are just lovely and go exceptionally well with a good hot brew. The chocolate starts to melt and the rest of the biscuit stays slightly crunchy. 

The packaging with the biscuits is quite unique and upmarket and rather than a long plastic wrapper they come rather neatly presented, almost like little gift boxes and perhaps the sort of thing you would expect to see in a nice country cafe.

And look at this funky ginger bag too!  

 This is right up my street considering I have 2 gorgeous little ginger girls myself! 
Gingers are just one of many selections at border biscuits and they can be purchased in many places including the big supermarkets. 

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