Degustabox November 

November Degustabox came with a bit of a festive theme and also contained a few more items than normal. 

 There were lots of yummy treats and snacks in this box, along with a few regular favourites and new items.  


Ryvita – Crispbread – Both thins and crackers perfect with anything or alone but especially good with a few of the other products in this box. £1.29 


Branstons – Chutney This goes pretty well with the crackers above and also good for Christmas. £1.49

Bourne & Wallis – Pickles – Can’t be a good pickled onion on the Christmas dinner. They have other pickle selections too as well as onions. £1.40


Nim’s Fruit Crisps – Mango & Pineapple Fruit Crisps – I jabs tried these a few times and they actually taste really good. No soggy slop just sweet crunchy crisps. £0.99


Hartley’s – Jelly – Jelly always goes down well with kids. I found 2 lots of jelly in this box and one of them being a new glitter jelly which makes the jelly look all sparkly. £1.29. 


Belvita – Soft Baked – I have had there before and I love them. They seem a perfect quick “on the go” breakfast and are like something inbetween a cake and biscuit and full of fruit. £2.79 a pack. 


Divine – Chocolate – I found this at the bottom of my box after the photographs got taken and was very hungry and are it all. Lovely dark chocolate. 

Butterkist popcorn – Not one, but two bags for us to much on with a good movie. I rarely eat much popcorn myselsf but I do love Butterkist. £2.04

Jim Jams – Choc Spread – This certainly went down very well with my kids. It has a lovely flavour and is infused with tiny bubbles of soft hazelnut. It’s delicious. 


Williamson Tea – Lemon Sunshine– I’m not a big loved of flavoured teas so this went to my mother who says it’s really good. £4.00 a box. 


Tuckey’s – Digestives – These being the DBs discoveries last month. Quite a few in the box and made with an original recipe with traditional ingredients. £1.80. 

Teisseire drops- flavoured coffee drops for adding to hot coffee to give it a different flavour. 2 of these at £2.79 each. 

Degustabox is part of a monthly subscription. For just £12.99 a month you can get a box full of surprise food products all of which will be full size and not samples. 

Find Degustabox on their website and social media channels. – website – Facebook – twitter

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