Bratz Fierce Fitness 

The iconic fashion doll line Bratz have released their new collection ‘Fierce Fitness’ which is incredibly exciting. 

They’re kitted out with the perfect outfits, stylish trainers and amazing accessories to make exercising fun! #GetMoving.     
Will you get fit with Cloe who loves to get out into the fresh air and hike up huge mountains? She’s got all the kit and looks super cool! Perhaps you prefer a faster pace? If so, maybe you’d rather join Jade who loves to run? She’s got the shorts and the tunes ready- have you? Perhaps relaxing and toning is more your thing? If so, join Yasmin who loves Yoga. She’s even got her own mat! #Namaste

The Fierce fitness collection of dolls is the latest in the Bratz relaunch of new products. I previously reviewed one of the dolls from the Study Abroad collection and other collections include #Snowkissed and #Selfiesnaps which are all bound to be popular. Each collection features the Bratz core dolls who are named Cloe, Yasmin, Jade & Sasha and there is now a new Bratz member too called Raya. Bratz dolls are vibrant and trendy and will appeal to modern day girls as they wear fashionable clothes and accessories. Bratz also come with various playsets.

Jordanna has been sent one of the Fierce Fitness Bratz dolls too. 

 She has Jade. Jade loves to run and comas fully kitted out in running gear. She wears shorts and big running shoes and lots of running accessories to carry with her. 

  The clothes are fully removeable and my girls seem to have a strange tendancy to undress any dolls they get and so end up with a large basket of naked dolls and odd clothes. The Bratz dolls come with long hair too which is great for brushing. 

Bratz dolls are available in most good toy stores, and are priced at approx £16.99 each RRP. Jade is on Amazon for the same price with free postage.


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