Pip Ahoy: Mr Morris bubble train

There’s no better way to cheer up a poorly miserable tot than with a new toy. This week Izebella is full of a cough, cold and tummy ache so it was time for a new toy to come out. 
This is the bubble train and is driven by Mr Morris. This toy is part of the new Pip Ahoy range at John Adams toys

Pip Ahoy is Currently airing on Channel 5’s Milkshake, Pip Ahoy! revolves around the adventures of protagonist Pip and his friends in their seaside town. Featuring the voices of David Jason and Stacey Solomon, the program aims to bring fun and laughter into every home, with its mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. Pip and his friends will carry out a rescue here, solve a problem there, taking care of their close-knit community and looking out for others. But this is not to say that the show is anything but warm, boisterous, silly and fun.

The selection of Pip Ahoy toys also includes a plush talking Pip and various other playsets featured in the tv show. The bubble train which Izebella has retails around Β£19.99.

The train comes with a front drivers carriage and 2 passenger carriages and one figure which is Mr Morris, who if you don’t know is a parrot. 

It needs little assembly, just the carriages joining together and needs no batteries. Izebella simply pushes or pulls it around  

When the train is being pushed around the seats will move up and down as does the chimney spout with a bubble effect.  

 It would be nice for more characters to be included with the train as the seats look a little empty without any passengers. Other pip mini figures need purchasing separately but the seats all have little plug in points to place characters on. You can of course place other (non pip) figures of similar size into the carriages if you wish. This is what Izebella has done until she gets some pip ones.

It’s a bright colourful fun train which toddlers will enjoy. It’s pretty small and comes in a large box which makes it look bigger. It seems to have done the job in cheering up my poorly princess. 


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