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As Izebella is now a big 3 years old, I have been looking for ways to try teach her some letters. She is quite clever and picks things up easily. We have lots of books and she is also at nursery. Her letter learning has also been helped a little with the arrival of a new puzzle from Orchard Toys

Izebella seems to really enjoy doing jigsaws and puzzles and will happily spend an hour doing them and taking apart over and over again. 

This “Big alphabet jigsaw” has 26 pieces, each one for each letter of the alphabet. The pieces are all the same size and of square shape. 

The puzzle comes with a poster of the finished piece and is the same size as the puzzle too. At first Izebella found it easier to simply place the puzzle pieces on the poster and follow the order. Now she is able to complete the puzzle without the poster. 

Each letter piece comes with a picture which should be easy recognised by young children. The only one she didn’t know was the X-ray which she called skeleton hands. 

It didn’t take long for her to complete the puzzle and she is now able to do it in about 5 minutes after only 2/3 weeps of practice. 

Izebella has learnt that her name begins with I and Mummy begins with M along with other family names. She will also familiarise that balloon is B and other pictures to letters so it’s very educational as well as fun putting it together. 

This big alphabet puzzle costs £9.75

Another of Izebellas favourite things is playing on tablets and apps, tho I do try to limit this, some apps do have good learning benefits. Orchard toys have bought out an app of their own. It can be downloaded on Apple devices here and for just 99p. 

This app has many fun games divided into 3 sections of yet more jigsaws, pairs and several colour, shape and pattern games. Each sexton contains many activities to choose from. 

They also come with varying levels of difficulty and the app is more than suitable for 3 year olds. This app certainly has lots of activities to keep little ones busy for some time.

Visit Orchard toys for more information.

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