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This Autumn sees the award winning video games franchise (Skylanders) turned into family gaming fun. The new Skylanders Kimble game will be appearing in toy stores soon by Tactic Games. 

It is very similar to the old game of Frustration and comes with the classic Pop-O-Matic dice, if you don’t know what one of those is then you must of been hiding under a rock for the passed few decades, think dice in plastic dome which you press and pop with your hand.  

The board is already set up and it needs no batteries. It’s one of those extremely easy games. Up to 4 people can play. You all choose which colour you want to be and sit at the appropriate playing corner. You need to pop a 6 on the dice to begin and then move around the board until you make it back to base. 

If anyone should land on your counter then it’s back home to start again for that piece. If you roll a 6 it’s another turn. The winner of course is the first one to get all 4 playing pieces home.  

The playing board is decorated with beautiful Skylander illustrations. The age guide for this game is 5 and over. The playing pieces are quite small and colourful and so therefore probably tempting for younger children to place in mouths. Izebella (almost 3) has been happily playing along with her older brother and sister with help from me so it’s just a case of closely watching any younger players.  

This is a very easy fun family game, which is based on an old classic game from my childhood and updated into the present. RRP ยฃ15.99. 

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