Shoutykid #3

Ryan has been busy reading the 3rd instalment of the “Shoutykid” book series. This 3rd title is “How Harry Riddles got nearly Almost Famous”  

The Shoutykid series is wrote by author Simon Mayle and follows the adventures of a young boy named Harry Riddles. The books are wrote in diary format with doodles and cartoon style images throughout. There are also letters to and from Harry to both friends and celeberities.  

Throughout the book there are many is sure which Harry deals which may relate to real life situations that children and teenagers face, such as school, moving house, fighting with siblings and issues at home so many youngsters will enjoy these books as some stuff will sound familiar. 

Hi there, My name is Harry Riddles, and I live with my mum, my dad, my EVIL sister and my twin baby brothers in our house in Cornwall. But if my dad has his way we might not live here much longer. He’s got this crazy idea to take us all sailing round the world for like, two years! I’m not sure about it, I guess the swimming with dolphins, learning to scuba dive and climbing volcanoes would be pretty cool but how am I meant to win the school Battle of the Bands competition and get Jess to go out with me if I’m stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean? I’ve written to a load of famous people who might be able to help me sort out my problems who knows if they will write back. We’ll see. Good luck and have fun. Harry Riddles”
The book series is aimed at youngsters aged approx 8-12 years, girls and boys will love it. 

Published by Harper Collins and illustrated by Nikalas Catlow, this fun 3rd instalment of the Shoutykid series is now available to buy in most good book shops and on Amazon for Β£6.99

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