August Degustabox reveal 

Just in time for the new school year and end of the school holidays we have once again been sent over a lovely surprise Degustabox.  

Yes 19 items in total, however the boxes vary each month and not everyone will get everything pictures here. 

My children were very intrigued by all the cakes and biscuits this month, starting with the Dr Oetker mug cakes which we got 3 of. They are really simple. Tip the packet into a cup and add water and here is what happens after a few minutes in the microwave.  

 Yes cakes in cups which can be eaten in the cup. £2.37.

The Bahlsen biscuits always go down a treat in this house and this month we found both Choco Leibniz white & Pick Up dark chocolate packs £3.48. 


Still sticking with cakes and sweet stuff is a brownie mix from Delicious Alchemy which also happens to be gluten free. These are really easy to make and just need butter, eggs and 20 minutes in the oven to make these.  

They sell lots of other cake mixes too for just £1.99

Finally for the sweet treats is a brand I am fairly familiar with through blogging. It’s Walkers Shortbread. These are mini snack packs in several varieties. Just perfect for kids. £2.00 

Moving on from cakes and biscuits, this month there was also many varieties of drinks, both hot and cold.  

 Ryan is drinking one of the Life Tonic drinks (£1.49). There is Williamson Ginger tea (£4.00) which is combined with real ginger pieces. The final picture shows drinks from Little Miracles &  Scheckters. I enjoyed the fizzy fruit Scheckters but not so keen on the Little miracles as its green tea.

Finally some savoury products. – Ryvita is something that most people should be familiar with. It’s crispbreas infused with either cracked black pepper or sesame. £2.88 

Now for the final two products in the box for August, these also happen to be the Degustabox “product of the month” and both come from the Italian company Barilla. 

It is a box of fine Penne pasta and a jar of pasta sauce in tomato and chilli flavour which had a nice kick to it.  

£1.50 & £2.00

I have really loved my box this month. So many different things to try.

Degustabox can be purchased on s monthly subscription for just £12.99. This includes courier delivery. The boxes are a surprise and change each month. To find out more take a look at their How it works page.

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