I do love gift websites. The ones that sell a bit of everything including retro, fun, kids and home items. I was recently asked by to have a look through their website and share my user experience. 

There is a vast range of gifts and products to browse through so it’s always a good idea to have an idea of what it is you want. When first visiting the website you are greeted with several category options which does help when browsing for gifts.  

Then once a category is selected it can be narrowed down with filters such as price and most popular. 

I was given a choice of products to choose from and instantly knew I just had to have one of these.  

Yes it’s a plasma lamp and sad but true I actually longed for one of these every Christmas of my early teenage years. I never got one tho as they were rather pricy back then.

They do come in several sizes. This what I have is the smaller size starting at approximately Β£21.49. There is a dragonfly image inside and the effects are pretty cool, especially at night.      

It reacts to touch and can give a slight shock if you touch someone else whilst touching one of these, don’t worry, nothing too bad. It also reacts to sound. Don’t ask me how they work tho as I have no idea. I just plug it in, switch it on and watch the energy show.  

 You can find more details of this particular gift here along with hundreds more items.

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