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No it’s not quite Halloween just yet tho bare in mind it’s not far off (yes already! ?). However there has been some rather spooky goings on in our house and I’m not talking about the bumps in the night that keep me awake either (believe me that’s scary), no I’m talking actual ghosts projected onto our walls in the evening and spooky red glowing monstrous shapes just like this!  

The spooky projections and lots of fun come from the guys over at Megableu games and their creepy Ghost hunt games.  


There are two of them which are the very creepy looking original ghost hunt game and the Marvel Spider-Man. I’m including them both in the same review because they are very similar when it comes to the gameplay. Both sets consist of the main figure and a laser gun. The skeletal figure and the Spider-Man both spin and project several lasers onto the walls and ceiling. 


It’s very much like playing a mini laser quest in your own home. The back of the gun even tells you how many targets were hit.  

It does of course work best when it’s dark so I think it would make the perfect Xmas present for playing on those cold dark winter nights. 

Now the age guides for both these games state 5 and over but as many of my readers will be only too aware, I seem to have an advanced 2 year old who can play games well above her age level and yes she manages the Spider-Man rhino game with no problems at all scoring a huge 15 on her first attempt and beating us all. However the ghost hunt skeleton scares her and she won’t go near it, poor little girl. I think we will have to save that one for a little later in the night.

Megableu have put their own spooky video of ghost hunt up on You Tube which you can see here. 

And we have our own mini video of the Spider-Man game here.

They are both great games which keep all 3 of my kids entertained for a good hour each night and more so in the bad weather. Certainly different to the average board game. 

Both require a few batteries each, so I can imagine it being expensive when colder and darker. Also perhaps two guns per set would be a good idea for brothers and sisters to play together and compete rather taking turns. 

These are two separate games, each purchased individually and does not need the other for play. They can both be purchased in most toy stores and Amazon and prices vary between £25-£35 each. 

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