Degustabox May reveal & recipe

May  Degustabox arrived early and in time for the bank holiday weekend.  

It comes with a mixed theme combining the May bank holiday and the start of Summer with barbeques and the inclusion of a few healthier living products too. As always it never lets itself down with some lovely full sized products included.

Starting with the more healthier products we find Fuel 10K: Protibrick. (Β£2.69)  it’s like weetabix but with added protein. Also the healthy snack bars from 9 Bar (Β£2.00) which taste quite good.  

There’s a bottle of Balsalmic vinegar from famous vinegar producers Sarsons. This stuff goes well with salads, therefore adding to the Summer theme of the box and costs Β£2.00 per bottle.  

This months 2 drinks are a non alcoholic ginger beer from Fentimans (Β£2.00) and a rather refreshing kids carton drink from Green Coco (Β£0.80) which is made with coconut juice.  

The sweet stuff comes from Dalemans in the form of sweet caramel filled waffles which are just heavenly and even melt over a hot drink. Β£2.00  

This Slim Pasta (Β£2.49) is good for lasagne. It’s probably not something I will use so I’ll be passing this on to my mother who will. 

And then there is these 3 other products which I am grouping together for a good reason.  

 Schwartz marinade in bag – Β£2.19 Maggi So stir fry noodles – Β£1.49 x1 Sweet baby Rays sauce – Β£2.99

Using these 3 products I was able to make a lovely tasty bank holiday meal. All I needed to add, was some chicken fillets.

The Recipe

The Schwartz marinade in bag allow for meat or fish to be placed in s bag of sauce and left to marinade giving great flavour to dishes. My marinade is honey and soy so my dish has a very oriental feel to it.

The first thing to do is place my chicken fillets in the bag and leave for any amount of time from 15 minutes to overnight. I left mine for an hour and then oven cooked the fillets.  


Once the chicken was cooked and sliced, I then took one pack of the Maggi stir fry noodles (oriental 3 spice). You cook these in a pan with cold water, add the satchet and boil for approx 5 minutes until the water dissolves. I then added the cooked chicken and mixed together. 

Then served in a bowl and added a dollop of the Sweet Baby Rays sauce which is a lovely sweet and smoky barbeque flavour.  


A lovely and very easy dish to make with a mild spicy oriental kick.

Here’s the Degustabox links tho if you have not grabbed yourself one by now then I think you may have been hiding out in a cave for the passed year or so! ? – website – Facebook – twitter

The boxes cost Β£12.99 yes that’s just Β£12.99 no extra for postage. And yes you get everything you see in this box too this month. It changes every month but I can’t tell you what’s in June’s box because I don’t know. It’s always a surprise until it arrives. You need to get this box, you need this box. Trust me I can’t remember a time without Degustabox. I love them and now I’m going to go sit and scoff my caramel waffles because I have the box and if you had it too,  you could scoff waffles and make my recipe. So go order one NOW! HERE!


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