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Chemist Direct were recently on the lookout for bloggers like myself to try out their online ordering service. I was kindly given a Β£50 credit to spend on anything I want, so off I went shopping online.

When you first enter the website your greeted with a screen which looks like this.  

I had a quick browse through the categories but did find many products did not show up but did in a search. I use mobile devices for the majority of my internet life and did find that the site was not overly mobile friendly and a little frustrating at times to find what I wanted. Chemist Direct do sell a lot of different products including beauty, medicines, sun products and more but I did find myself typing products into the search bar as the categories just weren’t bringing much up.

To order any medicine products, you do need to fill in a short questionnaire about who they are for and why you need them which is a little like an online prescription service and I imagine it’s to try and deter children from ordering tablets too but it would be easy to get around.

Here is what I got for my Β£50.  

I did find many of the products at Chemist Direct were reduced or on some sort of offer and everything seems reasonably priced.

For my hair. I purchased the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner. I do love these, they come out blue but give blonde hair a slight silver shine. Also for hair a bottle of olive oil hair milk and Moroccan oil serum. Both of these are great when blow drying abc straightening.  

Then something to help with weight loss/healthy eating etc.  

Much needed dental floss products.  

Fake tan mousse is an absolute must for me. I’m addicted to the stuff. 

And finally a large box of ibuprofen for which I had to complete a questionnaire and a much needed cupboard item for the hangovers.  

Finding the products was a little hard on a mobile device but ordering was simple, just a click to add to the cart. My total went slightly over my Β£50 and I wa able to pay the balance by PayPal. 

I did need to create an account and I do keep getting twice daily emails now from them which can be a little annoying.

My order arrived quickly within about 3 days by Hermes courier and everything I ordered was there. I do think they need to make the website more mobile friendly and arrange their categories so items are more searchable. I am happy with all the items I received and the ordering was pretty easy. 

Find them on Twitter too @Chemistdirect  


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