Ravensburger: Minions 3d puzzles 

It’s puzzle time again in our house thanks to Ravensburger. Only this time I get a break from doing them and instead it’s Ryan and Jordannas turns to complete not one, but three puzzles. All of them with a very familiar theme and characters which the majority of kids will relate to – it’s The Minions and luckily Ryan kindly told me that there is a new Minions film out or I may have just mistakenly wrote “Despicable Me”. Now I know absolutely nothing about the Minions or which character is who or does what, so excuse me for not going into that detail because I have no idea, but here’s the puzzles we got a few days ago.  

There’s 3 different ones all with different scenes which I can only presume is from the movie. The 2 smaller boxes have 54 pieces (claimed by Jordanna) and the larger box has 72 pieces which Ryan chose to do. Probably a bad decision there as the smaller ones proved a little more tricky than the larger one as the pieces are obviously smaller.  

All the puzzles are the fairly new 3D type which rather than being flat, build up into a globe (sometimes other 3D shapes). It sounds complicated but I actually find them much easier than standard flat puzzles. Each piece has a number on the back and also an arrow. Rather than trying to build the picture you simply connect the numbers in order and follow the arrows. 

With these type of puzzles you are building from the inside out, it’s best to keep checking the outside picture too just to make sure the pieces are put in correctly as taking it apart to rebuild gets confusing. They are easy tho and I left them both to it as you can see here.   


Izebella left them alone too for a while to get on with the puzzle duties and it didn’t take them long to build the Minion globes. The difficult part comes at the end when trying to insert the last few pieces. Patience starts to wear and eagerness to finish kicks in and this is where things go wrong and too much pressure on the puzzles can make them cave in as Ryan found out. Luckily not too much damage to his masterpiece and he managed to rebuild it quick enough.  

   All of these puzzles can be bought on Amazon and may well be worth an early Xmas stocking buy for Minions fans. (Oh my did I really mention that word in May!!!) 

72 Piece £9.99

54 pieces pirate £4.49
54 pieces British £4.49

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  1. May 21, 2015 / 19:19

    We love Minions here….These look fab! A great price too x

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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