Ryan is now 11 and has never been the typical football playing sporty boy. He does however love his gadgets and loves making and building things. When younger he loved Lego and as he has got olds he has moved on to more complex construction kits. If I’m being honest these kits are actually the stuff of my nightmares with bags full of tiny complex parts. It’s not something I could sit and do but Ryan loves it.

One of the most well known construction kit companies is of course K’NEX who sell their construction kits all over the globe. Their kits range from easy to very complex and some of them rather large.  This year sees the launch of their new K-FORCE line of products which are in a nutshell “Buildable Blasters”  and with that I can now imagine all the dads firmly glued to this screen. Yes these are the stuff of big boys dreams. 

There are a few different models in the K-Force range consisting of various types of guns and blasters and also the Build and Blast Battle Bow, which Ryan now owns.  


Ryan was really happy when this arrived. All I could think was how complex it looked on the box picture, then I emptied the box and “Oh my god” how many pieces I though.  

It’s a maze of plastic pieces and parts. Not something I could ever build but Ryan could not wait to start and found it incredibly easy. 


The instructions are all in diagrams rather than any text. Again I find this complicated but it’s easy for an 11 year old. He built his blaster in just 20 minutes. It would of probably took me hours and a whole lot of shouting. 

This now even comes with a few soft bullets but it’s not really enough to get a proper use out of it as they are easily lost. Luckily we were also sent a spare pack of 30 bullets too. 

When correctly assembled this bow will fire bullets. It’s very very rapid. The bullets shoot so fast that our eyes don’t have time to see where they are going. It’s best not to fire them near anything valuable either or at anyone. 

 It can fire up to 75 feet and also includes a buildable target. There are options to build other models too but I think Ryan is sticking to this one. The set contains 150 pieces and some of them are tiny, so he did quite well to build it so fast.

The K’NEX Battlebow is suitable for children ages 8 and over and has an RRP of Β£24.99. Buy at Smyths toys

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