The Magic Door

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Fairy. Fairy Who? 

Fairy Nice to Meet you!


What is the one thing most little girls dream of?, dream of meeting and dream of being? It is of course a fairy. Now their dreams can come a little closer to being real with a magic door in their room. 

The Magic Door Store has been providing the fairies and elves with their very own magical entrance inviting them into the homes of children since November 2013. The Magic Door Store’s My Fairy Door and My Elf Door have recreated a world of make-believe for children with these stylish, miniature London doors. The Magic Doors are beautifully packaged and are an elegant addition to any room.


The Magic Door Store was founded by Sarah Tollit when her children became fascinated with searching for the fairies and elves in the garden. Sarah created tiny, elegant doors which appeared just above the skirting board in the children’s bedrooms, allowing the fairies and elves to visit.

Magic doors inspire young imaginations. Behind every door, something awaits, so what will be behind this door! 

These special elf and fairy doors come in 5 different colours. The doors are made from resin and are easily mounted on any wall with the sticky putty supplied, available in a range of bright colours that are suitable for any room.

We now have our own magic “My Fairy” door which can only be unlocked by elves and fairies.  

The doors can be placed against any wall and when we decide exactly which wall we want the fairies to live on we can secure it using sticky pads. We also have some magic fairy dust and who knows one day we may just see the fairies coming out of their door to play.


To have fairy and elf power in your home and Childs bedroom it cost just 20 magical pounds (Β£20) in exchange for years of mystery and watching, waiting, knocking for the fairies to play. 

Visit The Magic Door Store to get your fairy door today.


As well as the magic doors you can also buy many magical accessories to accompany the doors. Items such as a post box, butterflies and toadstools. An amazing little gift for all the fairy lovers and seekers.


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  1. May 13, 2015 / 18:41

    Aww! That is just adorable….My girl is obsessed with fairies.

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