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Having worked in an office, I know how boring the day can get and also how bad the urge to nibble on something can be. 

I recently came across a company called Office Pantry who deliver snacks to offices and work places all across the UK.

The snack boxes are sized to incorporate the size of the work place and number of staff and start at a box for 1-15 staff at Β£35 going up to the big box for Β£267 for up to 200 staff.

The snacks come delivered in “Wooden Pantrys” just like this.  These wooden boxes are crafted in Yorkshire using reclaimed wood.

The snacks are all made by British independent producers and all seem to be fairly healthy and nutritious. I was sent over a few things to get an idea of what it is they do.  


I have not previously come across any of these snacks throughout my blogging experience which is a good thing as I do enjoy trying out new things. I was not disappointed with any of them either. To be honest it’s a good thing I don’t work in an office who has a box full of these snacks because no one else would get a look in.

These Pastinos:Chianti and Olive snacks went down a treat. They were just bursting with ripe Italian flavours. 


Then some lovely chocolate treats from both 9bar and Marsfield. Nothing beats a chocolate boost during a busy office day.  


And finally the Hectars sweet potato crisps. 

I was  little unsure prior to tasting these as I have tried other brand of sweet potato crisps which resemble dried out slop, but I did enjoy these. Very crispy and again full of flavour so these get thumbs up as far as veg crisis go.

My snacks didn’t last too long because they were all just so nice. I imagine many office staff will be very happy with an office pantry in their office,

Visit Office Pantry to get yours.

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